Air Freshening Naturally

However polluted the outside air in your city is, research has found that the air quality inside most homes is far more toxic. It’s shocking to think that as we keep our windows tight shut against the fumes of city life, we are actually creating a worse cocktail of chemicals for ourselves to breathe. Many of the chemicals in our inside air come from our cleaning products. The worst offenders of all are air fresheners and other artificially scented products. VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are found in many artificial scents, cause problems with the nervous system, as well as headaches and other side effects.

One of the best things you can do to keep the air in your home safe is to banish all artificial air freshening and scented products- that also includes fabric conditioners.

So what can you do instead to keep your house smelling nice? Here are a few natural suggestions that will keep the air fresh without polluting it.

Natural scented candles – if you need a quick burst of fragrance to get rid of cooking or bathroom smells, burn a natural scented candle for a few minutes. It will give off a nice fragrance and purify the air as it burns. Make sure it is a natural candle of either soy, hemp or beeswax with natural oils. Artificial scented candles only add to the chemical overload. This Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Kitchen Soy Candle, 7-Ounceworks well to neutralise odors and has a mild fresh scent of its own.

Baking soda – bowls of baking soda placed around the home safely absorb odors. Use baking soda for cleaning too to get rid of pet smells.

Open windows – often just ventilating a room is enough to keep things smelling fresh. Open bathroom windows after use to stop them getting damp and musty.

Flowers – a bowl of hyacinths gives rich bursts of floral scents in the middle of winter. Pot plants in the home also play a vital role in filtering the air and absorbing toxins, so invest in a few indoor plants to keep your air clean for you.

Spices – simmer a pot of water on the stove with some cinnamon or cloves in it. The whole house will be infused with a gently spicy aroma.

Green tea – Use green tea leaves to deodorize carpets, pet beds, fridges and so on.

3 Simple Energy Saving Tips That Don’t Cost A Thing

With rising energy costs, it’s not just the green living devotees that are looking to save energy. When it makes a difference to your pocket it is worth doing, whether you care about the environment or  not … ironic really that soaring energy prices may turn out to be a good thing for the planet after all!

Whatever your reasons for wanting to save energy, there are several ways you can do so quite easily without having to invest in installing solar panels (although if you can afford it that would be the way to go). A lot of energy saving is just a question of changing your daily habits. Maybe you are already doing these things, but if not try to adopt one a week, so that it’s not too painful, and see whether you can adapt to a more earth-friendly lifestyle.

1.    Line dry your laundry
A tumble dryer uses a huge amount of energy per load, all of which can be saved in dry weather by hanging your laundry out on a good old fashioned clothes line. Not everybody has the space and climate to do this all the time, but you’d be surprised how well clothes will dry even on cooler blustery days in autumn and winter. In fact they often come up beautifully soft even without fabric conditioner when it’s windy, so that’s another thing you could save on. Continue reading

3 Simple Tips To Save Water in Your Home Without Spending a Cent

Going green doesn’t need to be a huge mission. You don’t have to go out and spend a fortune to convert your home to green living in one fell swoop. Often it’s more a question of gradually changing your everyday habits. It’s true this can be harder than just going out and buying a clever green gadget, but ultimately it is changes in our behaviour that make the most difference.

Saving water is a good example of this. You could go out and buy water saving devices for every tap in the house, you could install a grey water filtering system to re-use water for irrigation and toilet flushing. Those are all great ideas but what if you can’t afford to invest in them right now? Continue reading